August 17, 2012
August 17, 2012


This is another of my latest, “Painting by the seat of my pants” (Or lrg-ninthangelpanting by the seat of my paints…) I’m not sure if it really fits the mood of the previous piece or if it’ll ultimately end up in the “book” but for right now I quite enjoy the feeling of this image. Admittedly the background is a little plain but as fellow artist Jim Goodliff pointed out, it kind of suits the piece.

Furthermore I would like to point out that the pattern on the wall is the brainchild of my lovely wife Halima. I had originally planned on putting a row of Trilobite fossils embedded into the wall but after describing the piece to her she suggested using the wishbones instead. Just goes to show that first, one need not be an artist to be creative and second, I’m anything but infallible.

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