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Most Common DIY Rain Gutter Installation Mistakes You Must Avoid

These days, you can save yourself a lot of money by installing anything you want on your own. DIY rain gutter installation has grown in popularity over the years, especially in the recent past. More people are opting for DIY installation, but making numerous mistakes while at it. DIY jobs are not as simple as movies and TV shows make them appear. You need everything to work in your favor to do an excellent piece of work.

Nonetheless, these are the mistakes you need to watch out for during installation:

Improper pitching

Improper pitching is hard to notice. This is because the gutters might seem level when looked at from a distance. A slight pitching from one end to the other is highly advisable. A gentle pitch is highly unadvisable since it will only encourage water to fill up within the gutters. A ridiculously sharp pitch is wrong, mainly because of the aesthetic displeasures it leaves behind. Therefore, keep the inclination/sloping to around 1-2 inches per 40ft.

Forward tilting

Forward tilting is a mistake worth watching out for while installing the rain gutters. Keep the gutters inclined right from the front to the back. Many homeowners prefer hanging the gutters so that the front edges slump forward a lot. You can avoid this by using a leveler during the installation process. Secondly, tighten the fasteners well while ensuring that they are tightly affixed. Do this and your problems will be a thing of the past.

Wrong positioning

Incorrect positioning is an issue that you should watch out for too. One of the most common practices involves making a decision to hang the gutters on the edge of your roof. A good habit to develop is to install the gutters a few inches beneath the roofline. Install the gutters too high and you will have to contend with runoff water. Other problems you will have to contend with include stains on the sidings and the deterioration of the fascia boards.

Incorrect spacing

The incorrect spacing of the hanger is a costly mistake. It’s hard to slope your gutters correctly if the hangers are improperly positioned. In fact, such a mistake would leave your gutters sagging in the middle. The space in between each gutter hanger should ideally be not more than 3 feet. For this reason, you should take proper measurements. Be consistent with the distance between one gutter hanger and the next one all through.

Too many seams

The gutters don’t need too many seams. The seams are the equivalent of the weakest point or link in a chain. Seams attract the most damage in all parts of the seams. Therefore, filling the gutters with too many seams only helps to make it weaker. The best option in such instances is to minimize the number of the seams. The next best option is to install seamless gutters, which you should hire a professional roofer to do on your behalf.

Lastly, other mistakes you should avoid include causing more damages and injuries during installation. Don’t proceed with the installation until you wear all the protective gear needed for such work. Otherwise, you will end up creating more problems for yourself. A DIY rain gutter installation is a great way of saving money and time, but only if you do it right. Otherwise, assign this task to professionals.

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