November 24, 2016

Best Remodeling Ideas for Improving Space in Your Home

The home should be as spacious as possible. No matter how small or big it is the home needs plenty of space to avoid looking congested. The good news is that you have the power in your hands to make it as spacious as you like. It is possible to do this by hiring experts in remodeling such as Carter Custom Construction. Hiring the experts is a costly affair; hence, the more reason for doing it alone. A DIY project would produce amazing results; thus preventing you from searching or relocating to a bigger house to accommodate everybody in your family. Here are some of the ideas you should consider to improve space in your home. Work on the Attic First, install a beautiful attic. If you already have one, you should make it more beautiful. Find ways of using the attic. Make it as functional and stylish as possible. The attic is capable of giving your home an entirely new level than you previously had. The attic is a transformable room. Feel free to convert it into an additional bedroom. There is no shortage of uses for this unused part of your home. It is easy to transform into a library room, home theatre center, or used as a home office. Focus on the garage The next area of focus should be the garage. An unused garage is a waste of space that you can convert into anything you want. Consider putting the garage to better use if its only purpose is to act as a storage facility for junk items. Start by renovating the garage to make it more spacious and roomier. There is nothing wrong in converting it into a man-cave where you spend some quiet time alone away from the rest of the family. Many homeowners have invested in home addition projects to create new levels above their garages thus solving space issues. Stop ignoring the basement The basement needs some attention too. The basement gives you space for doing more than merely a storage place for broken appliances and old furniture. With the help of a residential remodeling contractor, the idle basement in your home can be a wonderful room. The basement offers you additional space for creating a rental apartment that helps you to earn some extra income. The basement is transformable into a play area for your young ones. A spacious home is one that has enough space for everything and everybody. When looking at options for adding more space in your home, do not ignore the importance of thinking ahead. The future is a factor worth considering while making these calculations. Before taking any decision on remodeling the home, you should consider your plans in terms of increasing the family. If you plan to add more children, you should consider this too. Discuss the ideas with the rest of your family to discover what they want to. While at it, do not forget to consult a home remodeling expert for further assistance too. If you need more assistance, hire Carter Custom Construction for better ideas.
September 17, 2016

3 Most Effective Tips for Fixing Bad Credit

As you most probably are aware, bad credit can mess you in many ways. For example, you will continuously attract high-interest rates on your loans and credit cards. A person with poor credit scores often has to contend with banks and financial institutions failing to approve his application for loans or credit. It’s because of these and more that bad credit should never be considered a light matter. In fact, one has to identify tools that can repair bad credit. One of the most effective tools is Smart Money Secret. To learn more about it, read through Smart Money Secret Reviews. Alternatively, continue reading below to see how to fix your bad credit. Study your credit reports Checking credit reports regularly, is one of the most effective tips for ensuring that your credit score doesn’t make its way to bad ratings. Credit reports contain more information than you realize. It’s worth studying the reports with a fine tooth comb if you suspect that it contains some errors. The errors worth watching out for include outdated information and incorrect addresses. Some reports contain duplicates, which refer to the same debts appearing several times on this piece of document. The good news is that you’re entitled to apply for a free credit report from a bureau once every year or anytime a company refuses to serve you because of poor credit scores. Be ready to work hard Repairing bad credit takes a lot of work. There is no quick fix to repairing bad credit or making you a creditworthy individual overnight. Any company that makes such claims is probably out to steal from you. Even products such as Smart Money Secret don’t purport to have found ways of fixing bad credit overnight. Bad credit isn’t something that you can sell and replace with good credit at the local shop. It’s not a growth that you can take to a surgeon for surgical removal. Repairing bad credit takes time and effort. Furthermore, repairing bad credit is only half the job. The most important job is to ensure the credit remains at the right level. Create personal debt repayment plan Patience and a willingness to stay focused on a tried and proven personal debt repayment plan is highly recommended too. You can’t fix or repair bad credit with impatience. You can’t repair bad credit without a plan. The best, long-lasting results are achievable when you set time aside to draw a plan and follow it through to the end. Creating a debt repayment plan begins with looking closely at your cash flow for each month, ordering your debts, and finding ways of putting more money to reduce the debts. Once you create a plan, the next course of action should see you begin implementing it as soon as possible. Remember, bad credit closes more doors for you. Therefore, find ways of repairing the credit. Invest time, money and effort on Smart Money Secret reviews to identify ways of bringing order into your credit scores. Exercise patience while the new plan you created begins taking effect. Avoid situations that would mess your credit scores again. Bring a change of your spending habits and focus on paying your bills and debts on time without defaulting. As long as you are ready to do the hard work, your efforts will soon bear fruit. More importantly, you will have access to services and privileges that you were once unable to because of poor credit. You can check out more at
September 9, 2016

How the Best Beat Making Software Can Take Your Career to the Next Level

Creativity is the biggest asset for anyone who wants to succeed in the music industry. Creativity helps you to compose various types of music. A true composer must be able to make beats, which compliment the primary melody or tune in any piece of music. There are times when you will struggle making beats, and this is when you need to use the best beat making software. The software helps you to not only create beats that are good to listen to, but also very good on the ear. The software takes your career to the next level by making you: Better at marketing First, good beats market, you better than any advertisement you put on radios, TVs and newspapers can. In the music industry, your previous work is the proof of your ability to do a much better job. If your previous work is substandard, everybody will know that you’re not the right one to turn to when they need new beats. Your product should tell the whole world about your talents as a composer. The software comes in handy during the times when you struggle with lack of creativity. Better at managing time The best beat making software is easy to use. Consequently, it leaves you with plenty of time to refine the product you’re working on for your client. To use the software, all that you have to do is download and install it on your machine. The software has inbuilt sounds from guitars and drums, thus saving you from traveling everywhere looking for such equipment. The inbuilt sounds save you from spending money buying or hiring the equipment. Therefore, in this regard the software is cost-effective. Better at learning and teaching The best software is more like a teacher. This is true especially when you find software that has inbuilt tutorials. The tutorials help you to learn how to use the software. Later, you may use the knowledge you gained from the tutorials to teach other upcoming music composers. You can build and use this skill to earn extra income. The best software is easy to use despite the knowledge you have on matters such as music instruments, beats, mixing and tones. The software transforms you into a well-rounded individual instead of limiting yourself to composing music. Better at using it multiple ways The versatility of the best beat making software is something that you could do within your career. The software comes with pre-installed and pre-arranged beats that you can choose from depending on what you’re working on at any given moment. The huge number of beats the software contains makes it easier for you to choose what you prefer. In fact, the large selection of beats to choose from, makes your work as a music composer much easier. The software allows you the chance to create fresh music that has a much better appeal. Better at using money well The issue of affordability should not worry you. This is because you can find software that fits your budget well. In fact, it’s possible to find free software that helps you create beautiful beats. The only downside of the free software is the limited features, though this shouldn’t be a problem to a music composer who’s just starting out in the industry. A veteran composer, on the other hand, should have no problem sparing nothing to get the best. No matter what you spend on the software, it will still be cheaper than the money you will have spent on the following: Keyboards Synthesizers Speakers Drum sets Guitars Get in touch with experts in the best beat making software for more information.
September 3, 2016

How do You Benefit From Learning from a Digital Piano?

The demand for digital pianos keeps increasing. In fact, it’s growing in popularity more than the acoustic piano. Part of the reason for this includes the fact that digital pianos don’t require tuning. Secondly, a digital piano is lighter compared to an acoustic piano, which explains why they are easier to ship. Digital pianos are great learning tools, thus all the more reason to do everything in your power to bring it home. This is a guide on the benefits of learning from A digital piano, just like the acoustic one, is capable of exciting, moving and inspiring. As long as you learn how to play it decently, you will enjoy the full benefits associated with these types of pianos. Music will be a more enjoyable activity for you. Learning to play the piano is just the first part. The second part involves practicing to play the piano well enough. You need a good teacher, initially at least, to help you learn the basics. After that, spend time practicing all the lessons on your own. A good teacher helps you in the following ways: Avoid bad habits Establish suitable techniques Makes learning fun and enjoyable Learning with the support of a qualified piano teacher is fun and enjoyable, particularly when you consider that the digital pianos are renowned for authentic playability, natural sounds, and innovative features. It’s worth noting that digital and acoustic pianos share plenty of similarities. This is because digital pianos are designed for simulating acoustic pianos. The digital sound technology that the pianos incorporate and speakers that are strategically positioned, make the digital pianos actual simulators for hammers and strings that are common in acoustic pianos. Allows learner to practice quietly Digital pianos provide the chance to practice quietly with headphones. This allows you to do what you enjoy without disturbing those who are around you. Headphones are great at blocking outside noise, thus enabling you to focus solely on what you’re doing on the digital pianos. Some models come with twin headphone jacks, thereby making it possible for the teacher and students to both listen simultaneously. This is great news when you want the teacher to point out your mistakes immediately. They help develop a sense of rhythm Digital pianos are great for developing a sense of rhythm. You can’t go through the learning process successfully if you fail to develop your muscle memory as well as mental cognition. A digital piano has built-in metronomes that are ready to operate. The metronomes make it possible to adjust the beat and tempo of any piece of music you’re learning to play. You can slow any piece of music down to a level you’re comfortable learning and mastering. Furthermore, this allows you to tackle some complicated signatures too. Other benefits you enjoy by learning from a digital piano include: Recording and listening to your performance Access to more sounds that the pianos have Improving your piano-playing ability by using apps Making practice more efficient For these reasons, nothing should hold you back from learning how to play any type of digital piano from
September 3, 2016

Most Common DIY Rain Gutter Installation Mistakes You Must Avoid

These days, you can save yourself a lot of money by installing anything you want on your own. DIY rain gutter installation has grown in popularity over the years, especially in the recent past. More people are opting for DIY installation, but making numerous mistakes while at it. DIY jobs are not as simple as movies and TV shows make them appear. You need everything to work in your favor to do an excellent piece of work. Nonetheless, these are the mistakes you need to watch out for during installation: Improper pitching Improper pitching is hard to notice. This is because the gutters might seem level when looked at from a distance. A slight pitching from one end to the other is highly advisable. A gentle pitch is highly unadvisable since it will only encourage water to fill up within the gutters. A ridiculously sharp pitch is wrong, mainly because of the aesthetic displeasures it leaves behind. Therefore, keep the inclination/sloping to around 1-2 inches per 40ft. Forward tilting Forward tilting is a mistake worth watching out for while installing the rain gutters. Keep the gutters inclined right from the front to the back. Many homeowners prefer hanging the gutters so that the front edges slump forward a lot. You can avoid this by using a leveler during the installation process. Secondly, tighten the fasteners well while ensuring that they are tightly affixed. Do this and your problems will be a thing of the past. Wrong positioning Incorrect positioning is an issue that you should watch out for too. One of the most common practices involves making a decision to hang the gutters on the edge of your roof. A good habit to develop is to install the gutters a few inches beneath the roofline. Install the gutters too high and you will have to contend with runoff water. Other problems you will have to contend with include stains on the sidings and the deterioration of the fascia boards. Incorrect spacing The incorrect spacing of the hanger is a costly mistake. It’s hard to slope your gutters correctly if the hangers are improperly positioned. In fact, such a mistake would leave your gutters sagging in the middle. The space in between each gutter hanger should ideally be not more than 3 feet. For this reason, you should take proper measurements. Be consistent with the distance between one gutter hanger and the next one all through. Too many seams The gutters don’t need too many seams. The seams are the equivalent of the weakest point or link in a chain. Seams attract the most damage in all parts of the seams. Therefore, filling the gutters with too many seams only helps to make it weaker. The best option in such instances is to minimize the number of the seams. The next best option is to install seamless gutters, which you should hire a professional roofer to do on your behalf. Lastly, other mistakes you should avoid include causing more damages and injuries during installation. Don’t proceed with the installation until you wear all the protective gear needed for such work. Otherwise, you will end up creating more problems for yourself. A DIY rain gutter installation is a great way of saving money and time, but only if you do it right. Otherwise, assign this task to professionals.
August 17, 2016

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Male Wedding Bands

All wedding rings should last a lifetime. Choosing the right ring can be a daunting task, whether you’re doing it for the first or the umpteenth time. The terminology associated with the rings is often rather confusing. The wide variety of rings available in the market make it harder to focus on a single one. This partly explains why it’s easy to make mistakes when looking for male wedding bands for the biggest celebration of your life. The mistakes you should avoid include: Failure to know your size Buying the rings online is a huge mistake. This is because the online jeweler or seller is unable to take your size. Buying from an offline store is a better option as it gives the seller the chance to measure you up and know your size. Look for an online company that takes measurements using proprietary sizing formulas. Allow a professional to measure your size. Do this and you won’t have to worry about sending the rings back to be adjusted or replaced. Entrapment in tradition Tradition can trap and limit your options. You have more options than the diamond rings you have focused on since you began planning the wedding. You don’t have to limit yourself to the money society says should be spent on wedding bands. You have the final decision on the kind of male wedding bands to spend money on and wear for the rest of your life. What’s more, you’re free to invest the money on a different item instead of wedding rings. Letting long-term concerns intimidate you Ideally, you get married to have a partner and companion to spend the rest of your life with. But, it’s normal for breakups to occur. This should not be at the back of your mind when making a decision on the type of wedding ring to buy or wear. What you should know is that jewelers are capable of adding any extra feature, or detail you want on your wedding bands. Therefore, get a simple one and add whatever you want as time goes by. Placing too much focus on cost The cost of wedding bands can make you teary. If you look hard enough, you might just find the deal of the century and end up with some amazing wedding bands. Planning a wedding means spend too much time thinking and worrying about money. If the cost seems prohibitive, get something you can afford. Do some research and visit jewelers until you get a good deal. Therefore, you can avoid making these costly mistakes. After all, a wedding ring isn’t a cheap item. So, a seemingly innocent mistake can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to rectify depending on the type of wedding ring you bought. Ask for help from experts where possible. Make the Internet your friend and source of information, but only by relying on reputable professionals. If all seems hard to do, consult male wedding bands sellers. Don’t go out to look for wedding bands feeling less confident about your abilities to identify the best ones. The industry is full of people who want to take advantage of individuals like you. If you don’t know what you want, somebody will sell anything to you. Ask help from reliable sources and companies while avoiding to buy from strange sites.
August 17, 2016

What to look for when choosing the best beat making software

The world has gone digital. The digital era is here to stay. It’s hard to predict with 100% accuracy what the future holds, but for now, everything is digital. Making music now depends on the digital tools that you have. For example, you don’t have to struggle to make beats when you can choose from the best beat making software. With such software, you will never have to worry about making beats whether you’re a novice or an experienced hand. Therefore, what should you look for when choosing beat making software? Computer Specs This is crucial since you will be using the beat making software on your computer. For this reason, you should ask the seller to explain the minimum specs that your computer should have. Failure to ask this question could leave you with software that doesn’t run as it should. The problems could make it impossible for you to produce the right beats. If you’re a commercial beat producer, failure of the software to function properly could affect your business negatively. Free Tutorials A novice beat maker needs as much help as he can get. The best beat making software comes with free video tutorials. The tutorial educates you how to use the software. Some software comes with PDF manuals that contain all the information you need in operating the beat maker. The videos and manuals are full of detailed explanations of each feature that’s on the software. It’s much easier to follow instructions on the video, though. Customer Support Be wary of the retailer from whom you buy the beat maker. Choose a retailer renowned for offering exemplary customer support. After all, the beat maker will develop problems, which would require immediate attention to resolve. Therefore, spend time on the Internet and several customer review platforms seeing the reputation of each manufacturer or seller where customer support is concerned. Avoid buying from vendors who have poor customer support. Features Compare each beat maker by paying attention to its features, options and functions. It’s true that some beat makers share several similar functionalities. However, you can identify the best because of the exceptional features they possess. Look for beat makers whose features make them easy to use. Avoid choosing a beat maker because it has better features, as these may prove difficult for you to use, thus a waste of time in an industry that demands quick turnaround. License Type Ideally, you should choose a beat maker that comes with a lifetime license. The lifetime license allows you to receive all upcoming updates freely. However, many beat makers don’t come with lifetime licenses. Therefore, examine the type of license the software has before spending money buying it. Failure to do this would mean spending money on new updates every time they come out, which could prove costly if the manufacturer releases them on a monthly basis. Remember to check the software’s license type, features, customer support, availability of free tutorials and computer specs. Follow this guideline to have an easier time choosing the best beat making software. You may also contact other experts to learn from them the best features to look for when selecting such types of software. As long as you follow this guideline, making beats using your computer will never be a huge problem for you.
December 23, 2012


Oil on Wood Panel 11 x 14
December 4, 2012


Oil on Wood Panel
November 25, 2012


Well, technically we were married by the wonderful Pastor John Jenks, but we did it at Roq La Rue Gallery surrounded by the wonderful “Lush Life” show. The ceremony was simple as it was beautiful and my lovely wife Heather was radiant. Surrounded by friends and family we couldn’t have asked for a better day and a better place to have it. Here’s to all the people that made our wedding come together and to many years of happiness and painting with my new bride.
November 17, 2012


Oil on Panel 11 x 14
November 17, 2012


Oil on Wood Panel 16 x 20
November 12, 2012


October 17, 2012


Oil on Panel 18 x 24
October 3, 2012


Oil on wood panel 6 x 8 I think if you were to ask any artist which painting of theirs they liked the most they would, to a person, say “none of them”… At least the ones I’ve talked to have, (You may have to ply them with libations.) It’s a hard fact that as artists we get way too close to our own work to really enjoy the piece as much as an outsider would. It’s just too familiar to really be that intriguing. Also, every artist will also tell you, if you get them in the right circumstance or, again, with enough booze in them, that we really don’t know how we do what we do. Sure we know in the greater sense, “apply paint to canvas with brush” kind of knowledge, but it’s the other finer points of creating art, the stuff that’s happening waaaay down below the surface that we just can’t put into words. As a result there’s always “happy accidents” that occur. It’s these little gems that intrigue me about my own work. For the most part I look at the entirety of a painting always aware that no matter how “good” I am I could always be better and yet without fail there’s always a spot, sometimes two, in every painting that just sings. It’s an odd experience to try and explain, so just trust me, it’s true. For example in this particular painting my favorite spot is the area just behind the brim of the fish’s hat over on the left hand side. The way the clouds come together there and play off the light illuminating the tops of the cypress trees just happened so nicely that I wish I could achieve that level of perfection over the entirety of every painting I ever do. Unfortunately that’s not the way it works and so I struggle boldly on. So the next time you’re at a gallery opening or happen to be chatting up an artist in line at the coffee shop or at waiting to see a Metallica cover band at the bar up the street, don’t ask them which is their favorite piece of art, you already know that answer. Ask them instead, of any given painting, which is their favorite part… You may need beer.
October 2, 2012


I usually get my ideas in a flash of inspiration. It comes when I least expect it and usually revolves around something I’ve seen or done recently. This piece came not long after I watched “Adaptation”. Though this image has little to do with the movie in general it’s got a lot to do with a specific moment. Specifically a passing reference to the literary pitfall, “deus ex machina”. “Deus ex machina” literally means “God from the machine”. In writing it means that when a writer paints himself into a corner he creates a convenient solution to get out. “Piscis Ex Machina” means “fish from the machine”. I meant it simply as a play on words as I had included the fish and thought it would be a great tie-in to include them in the title. However, I realized that there was much more going on here. The intentional “deus ex machina” is, of course, the key. It hangs on a wire being delivered from out of frame. Because the robot needs to be wound, the key becomes the classic “deus ex machina”. Yet, if you look in the background there’s a clockwork device. Originally it was supposed to be a clock and you can still see the demarcations around the outside ring, but, as I finished the image I realized there was no way I could insert the hands without destroying the composition, SO, I left them out. In other words, I used my influence as a creator to conveniently remove myself from a painted corner… In other words, “deus ex machina”! These are the things that make me love art. The accidents that allow me to be surprised by the very art that I supposedly have such control over… And if you’re still not convinced, the title was originally going to be “Deus Ex Machina”. The fish I put in simply because needed something to fill the bottom of the image.
September 23, 2012


Oil on Wood Panel 16 x 20
September 3, 2012


August 26, 2012


August 23, 2012


Rise of the Red Star was more of an experiment really. As an artist I am interested in creating images that evoke a response in a viewer. As such I try to create images that have the suggestion of a story but don’t have any concrete direction, the thought being, the more I direct the process the less a viewer will contribute and thus the less an image will resonate with that viewer’s psyche. When I started Rise of the Red Star I tried to pick elements that were wholly disparate, a grab bag of interesting objects thrown together to form the loosest possible framework for a story. How clever was I? After I had finished I decided, not really. I looked on what I had done compared to all the others that had come before and chalked it up as a failure. I thought at the time that as an image Rise was too disparate, too abstract, too absurd to hold anyone’s attention and as such the connection to the viewer and the results I so desired, image plus viewer equals Art, would never coalesce… How wrong I was. For some reason people really respond to this piece. Maybe it’s the pure abstraction of idea that makes it so malleable as to fit any idiom, maybe it’s just because it’s so strange it stands out from the visual noise and becomes a beacon, drawing people in. Whatever the reason, I’ve gotten more responses from this image than any number of my other pieces combined. In the end it just goes to show you I’m not half as smart of half as clever as I like to give myself credit for…